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Become the person 
you are


Be proud of yourself

You have cleared the first hurdle and I am pleased that you have found your way to me in your search for support.


Who am I? Who do I want to be? Where will the path of life lead me?

Do I actively shape my own life and pay attention to my well-being?

Love, friends, family - do I feel comfortable and safe?

What influence do past experiences have?

Do I act according to my needs or am I lived by the ideas of my environment?

Am I doing what I want to do professionally and what really suits me?

Where do I have space? Where can I breathe and just be?


It is important to me that you regain balance on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Together we look for the causes and sources of your issues and through my solution-oriented and undogmatic approach we choose the methods that will help you. 



Schopenhauer once taught us that change is the only constant. In the present time, this statement seems to be truer than ever.


Life is a process. It rearranges itself every day and makes us question our views and positions. However, the desire for self-realization remains.


However, our path often does not run in a straight line and some obstacles make our progress difficult and can even stop us completely.

We all shoulder past experiences, certain issues and diverse thoughts that influence our everyday lives.

In addition, we are regularly confronted with new tasks that not only demand a lot of strength but also push us to our limits. These are often exhausted and exceeded.  We aim to take care of our affairs independently and autonomously. At a certain point, however, we have to admit that our own resources are finite and that we need external support. 

I would like to help you to rediscover and activate your powers and resources. You have all the resources you need, and together we will find solutions on an equal footing. Based on my own experiences, getting to know and applying the different therapy concepts, I was able to get a very good overview of the methods.


My conclusion: the content of a therapy and the corresponding procedure must be just as individual as the person is.


That's why I work with elements of the four basic concepts of psychotherapy: psychodynamic, behavioral, humanistic and systemic approaches. In addition, I also use components of newer methods such as integrative psychotherapy, mindfulness-based therapy and schema therapy. The field of psychotherapy is constantly developing and it is important to me to integrate new findings into my practice, provided they contribute to your well-being.



I support you:


  • to deal with fears and compulsions

  • Recognize connections between thoughts, feelings and behavior zu 

  • with attachment and relationship problems

  • in processing past experiences and their    present effects

  • in traumatic experiences

  • with reduced drive, decreasing motivation and  sleep problems

  • Depression, self-doubt and feelings of being overwhelmed

  • in stress, burnout and bullying

  • in crises and life changes in the private and professional sphere 

  • to better perceive you and your needs

I use:


  • Talk therapy: open and honest dialogues as the basis for successful treatment

  • Systemic advice: Our private and professional environment consists of many mutually influencing units. Together we determine your position, change it if necessary, stabilize and strengthen it.

  • Techniques for more serenity, balance and stability: We would also be happy to see how you can integrate certain techniques into your everyday life.

  • Reorientation and detachment while walking: Sometimes it is easier for us to open up when we are supported by the freedom in nature.

  • Transformation and overcoming traumatic experiences: Through a body-oriented approach, you will learn to regulate your nervous system yourself.



There are few living beings who accept and accompany us impartially and value-free. But fortunately there are exceptions and undoubtedly dogs are one of them. My companion's name is Karl Otto and he's a retro pug who approaches people in an uncomplicated and open-minded way. He gets involved with his counterpart unconditionally and without prejudice and creates a relaxed atmosphere with his funny nature.

It has been scientifically proven several times that dogs have a positive effect on both our physical and mental states. For example, their presence can help lower blood pressure and heart rate, and they convey warmth, calm and security.


Karl is living proof that we can achieve anything if we believe in ourselves. He says he is the size of a Great Dane. However, he also has the ability to perceive the current mood with empathy and to respond to it conscientiously. Karl brings us back to reality and reminds us to live in the present moment.


With a short wag of its tail, a dog can express more emotion than some people with hours of talk.

Louis Armstrong

Design ohne Titel-26.png

Until recently, the mention of the word "mindfulness" was enough to put me in a irritated mood, and the kind advice to breathe consciously and be in the here and now made me roll my eyes in annoyance.

Looking back, I have to admit that I went into avoidance as a defense mechanism. My fear of confronting myself and acting accordingly caused me to avoid and react irritably.


In fact, very few people live in the present, most are preparing to live in the near future.

Jonathan Swift


Nevertheless, there had to be something to do with mindfulness and breathing, because it was talked about, read and written about everywhere. Grinding my teeth, I began to deal with the matter and realized that I was standing in my own way with my eternal circle of thoughts. Switch off your head, be present in the moment and breathe consciously - basic things that we seem to have forgotten in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Most of the time we identify with our thoughts, which cover up our real selves. This sometimes leads to the fact that we no longer know who we actually are. Daily yoga practice made it easier for me to access this area, which is why I decided to do a yoga teacher training course. I'd like to share my experience with you if it suits you.



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